Leading group

Kevin Liang
President of Qingdao Elegant Hair products Co,.ltd
Susan Liu
Chief Executive Officer
Jack Guo
President of Qingdao XSR Hair products Co.,ltd
Sofia Guo
Production director
Technical engineer

Leo Jiang
Inventory Control Manager

Susie Song
Quality Control manager
Daniel Yang
Technical engineer  for 30 years  experience
Jane Liu
Technical expert  for 45 years  experience
Sales department

Greg Liang
Marketing Manager
Wendy Wu
Sales Manager
Alenna Han
Account Manager
Amy Chen
Service Manager
Product department
Lily Guo
Scheduling Division
Maria Zhang
Purchasing Manager
Nancy Wang
Statistical analyst
Alan Lu
Equipment maintainer
Outsourcing Department

Keith Yang
Logistics and transportation manager
Cara Chi
Information Technology manager
Lisa Liu
Chairman of the Labor Union
Zoe Pan
Training officer